About Us

Once Upon A Time

There was an elaborate and extensive artisanal textile industry in Nigeria. It was well known for its vibrant indigo dye cloth, known as Adire, which was worn and celebrated across the country. The cloth was sold in local markets and purchased for celebratory occasions. Each piece took a few days to make, and there was good enough demand and no excessive surplus. It was a good vocation to make a living.

And Then

As globalisation scaled up, the local market became saturated with lookalike cheaper factory made prints imported from China and Western countries. Local artisans were put out of business quickly and the well known traditional textile industry began to fade.

And So

We travelled to Nigeria to seek out artisans who share a passion for traditional textile design and wish to pursue it as a form of income.

We work closely with our artisans, collaborating on design as well as giving space for contemporary creativity. We use sustainable and ethical methods of production and aim to keep the traditional process alive by paying fair wages, as well as encouraging and supporting further development.

We intend to show their artisanal talent to the world, to create a snowball effect so that more designers and brands alike delve into the pan African textile market, buying locally and enhancing communities.

And Now...We Support Slow Fashion

Our business model focuses on slowing down and being more conscious about our production process as a whole, while ensuring a meaningful fashion experience.   

Ebuku Threads ensures high quality handmade clothing, a natural fibre fabric selection, a conscious and ethical production process, zero wastage, as well as community support.

Every Piece Has a Story

Each piece of cloth is hand batiked and hand dyed using traditional Nigerian textile techniques. By supplying our artisans with the necessary tools and assistance we make way for creativity and artistic expression. We prefer our artisans to put their own contemporary spin on each piece, giving it a personal story.This makes each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.

The Magic Circle Collection

The Magic Circle Collection is Ebuku Threads first collection and is named after people and influencers alike who have been a part of the Ebuku Threads journey.  Everyone that we meet and engage with, as well as customers online and offline, automatically become part of The Magic Circle because together we are making MAGIC happen. Let's continue and grow this circle together. 

Want to know more?

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